About Us

a full line of electronic repair services

About AGI

Advantage Group Innovations, LLC (formerly Advantage Group, Inc.) was established in 1992. The main goal of our company is to offer our customers a full line of electronic repair services and industrial servo motor repairs.

Our staff is highly trained in troubleshooting all types of A.C. and D.C. drives, VFD’s, servo motors, servo drives, and so much more.

How We Are Different

We realize there are many electronic repair companies that want your business. This is how we are different from the others:

  1. We check each item to determine what is actually wrong and base our quote on time and material required, not on a “book price.”
  2. We offer a 12-month warranty on standard repairs, and a 6-month warranty on servo motor repairs.
  3. We keep an extensive database on all units repaired so that you can feel confident that your repairs are given the utmost attention.
  4. We have a program to help cut your repair costs and search for new ways to lower your maintenance costs.
  5. We offer you, our customer, solutions to all of your repair needs.

Repair Time

For standard repairs not requiring special parts, turnaround time averages 7 working days. Advantage Group Innovations, LLC, offers a “Rush” repair option to place your order ahead of all “Non-Rush” repairs. There will be a 25% Impact Fee with a $25 minimum and $250 maximum for this service.